Common Enchantments

By MaryElizaR

Magic happens

This is a tiny flower on a tomato plant I have in the yard.  Magic that I got it to grow and magic that it will become a tomato!  

 When I bought these three tomato plants a few weeks ago I decided I wanted them in the sunny front yard, scoped out that my existing flower bed (with no flowers) was a good sunny spot and after they plants grew a little I planted them.    

Today I bowled, met my friend Melody for lunch (she had a surprise from the Easter Bunny for me, it is in the extras), got a haircut and then came home thinking I would water the tomatoes and the other bee loving plants I had in the other bed (we were supposed to get a great rain never happened here!).   Anyway, it was about 2 pm and the flower bed was completely in the shade! From the oak tree that did not have any leaves when I planted the tomatoes!!    Hindsight did not work!   This was not good for tomato plants so I had to scope out the yard again to find a spot that would get sunshine most of the day.   The problem of living surrounded by trees.   Nothing in the front yard except the new flower bed but I did not want to put them there as the plants I have there are "spreaders".     So the backyard, behind the clothesline against the edge of the woods was the place getting the most light.  I had in my mind the way the sun traveled across the yard and I think they will get 6 or  8 hours of sunlight here.     So I dug three holes and moved three plants.

They kind of drooped a little after planting even though I watered them good.   Now they are looking okay.    So keep your fingers crossed for a tomato from this little flower!   I love all the little hairs on this plant which are tiny too!  

Thanks to dfb24 for hosting tiny tuesday this month.

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