A time for everything

By turnx3

Tulips from Cincinnati!

We had decided we would go downtown to Music Live at Lunch at Christ Church Cathedral, and since it was a beautiful day after a cool start, we left early, so we had time for a walk along the Ohio River. The Spring flowers, especially in Smale Riverfront Park were glorious, as you can see from my blip, showing a gorgeous colourful bed in front of the suspension bridge, crossing the Ohio into Covington Kentucky. The bridge was designed by John A. Roebling, who went on to design the Brooklyn Bridge in New York. When the Roebling Suspension Bridge opened to traffic on January 1, 1867, its 1,057-foot span made it the longest suspension bridge in the world, a record it retained until 1883 when the Brooklyn Bridge opened. The music at the Cathedral was music by the church choir, and was music for Holy Week, and was held in the main sanctuary, rather than the smaller Centennial Chapel. The music was a cappella, except for the last piece, a modern piece, which used violin, cello and some percussion. Then it was back to our church, where I had my bible study - it was the last one for me, as we will be out of town for the last one next week. Roger went on home - we had dropped my car at church earlier! When we were finished, the weather was far too nice to go home and do housework, so I drove to Sharon Woods for another walk. The wildflowers everywhere are wonderful at present - I don’t remember ever seeing so many before! By the time I got home, about 6 pm, Roger was just leaving - he was going cycling with the one of the Cincinnati cycling club group rides, the first time he’s gone with them in about a year or more - they did 30 odd miles at a fair pace, so he came back exhausted - he should sleep well tonight.
The news today about Notre Dame has been rather more encouraging than we were led to believe yesterday evening - it seems as if at least the rose windows have survived, and they were able to rescue some of the major treasures and relics. I believe I read the organ was also saved. I saw one moving image this morning, looking toward the altar, with piles of debris in front, but on top of the altar, the gold cross still stood, and was being illuminated by a beam of sunlight! Also, hundreds of millions of Euros has already been pledged toward its renovation! One has also to be thankful for the timing, in the evening, so that no one was killed or injured, except for one injured firefighter.

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