Desperately seeking

By clickychick


Saturday and lodge cleaning day!

Back into the routine now but it was a day with a difference. As we walked in we saw a dish on the table with a good amount of money in it. What had they broken? We approached their A4 sheet of handwriting!

Nothing broken. Not only were they leaving the complementary wine, tea, coffee and sugar, they had liked it so much left us a tip!

It's time to reconsider the lodge's flower bed. The only things thriving are the purple pom-pom primulae and narcissi. Other bulbs have struggled against the appetites of the rabbits and in digging out bulbs, the rabbits have also killed a lot of perennials over the couple of years since we created this bed.

The bed is overlooked by the kitchen window so it needs to look good. Conifers, heathers and Saxifraga "London Pride" will be added for unappetising ground cover. We will see!

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