Shower Proof

The sun came out again. I decided to head into town for a walk. It was discovered that although the wind was still cool, there was enough warmth in the sun to ensure I was too hot to be dressed as I have been for the last week or so.

My meandering took me past Marischal College where the new fountain was turned on. I thought it would be a nice idea to get a photo of Robert the Bruce through the fountain. The jets of water are constantly changing height, so it took a few attempts to get a shot when the water jets were at their highest. I also had to wait for people to be out of frame.

In retrospect the result is rather disappointing. Some people might have added to, rather than detract from, the picture.

So I am left to ponder why "height" has an "e" in it, while "high" does not. The different spelling seems totally illogical. But then many things about the written English language are illogical.

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