By CarolineJay


I'm home and destined for an early night. I had to stop several times for caffeine and fresh air, but one of the stops was a couple of hundred yards off the A1 at Wansford, which I'll definitely explore and blip more on future journeys to and from the south. Here's the river Nene from Wansford's lovely medieval bridge. The light was rather murky, but I still thought it was a lovely view.

It's all just behind the art deco building beside the A1 (extra) which is now an architect and Ducati motor bike dealers, but which used to be a Happy Eater back in the day (about 40 years ago). I had a car then whose battery was constantly going flat and which needed to be parked where I could bump start it down a slope if needs be, so I knew all the stopping places that would let me do that. There was another one near Newark which had a convenient sloping entry back to the road. Imagine trying to bump start an old VW Beetle onto the A1 these days with all the HGVs travelling along it? I'm going cold at the thought.

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