Blinded By Numbers

It's serious this business of catching a bus. A high level of numeracy is certainly a prerequisite to getting on the right one going in the right direction at the right time.

Back at the office today and it's been a shock to the system. Can't quite believe just how much has gone on in my absence. My colleagues were kind enough to shield me from it while I've been away. This evening we had our work Christmas dinner in Leeds. I don't get into the city too often and the usual shock I feel was exacerbated this time having come more or less straight from Ireland. The pub we chose for a drink was noisy and the restaurant packed. It's been very hard to adjust back from the easy pace of West Cork. Even a few pints of beer haven't helped that much. It certainly feels like I'm leaving a bigger and bigger part of me behind every time I return to England!

I'm adopting Market Square in Shipley as my second "One Street". I trust that's allowed.

PS I note that on this date last year I posted my most highly rated blip ever. That still comes as a bit of a surprise. Just a little worrying that I was having as hard a time at work then as I am now. That, sadly, is actually not much of a surprise at all!

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