By Kipsie

Chop chop

Loved the idea of today's challenge that Ingeborg suggested but actually executing it was another matter altogether this afternoon.

Had a lovely relaxed start to the day as Joe & Val said I would/could have, if I chose to. William & Millie were waiting to greet me with waggly tails, what they wanted was their breakfast. Typical Labradors, woofed down, out for a wee then back to bed, so I made a coffee took it back to bed and read for an hour. Loving my current book, The Olive Tree by Lucinda Riley, so had to drag myself out of bed at 8....ish :) Ha ha!! William,  very arthritic in his back legs, & I had a gentle stroll & general sniff about then back to his bed for a snooze while Millie & I had a lovely walk around part of  Cockington Park with Carolyn who came over with her Labrador Ruby. we enjoyed a coffee and natter in the garden before she headed home. Then the not so nice task of taking the sweet, but sadly injured, Pipistrelle bat to the vets to be put to sleep. The assistant asked the vet if there was anyway the broken wing could be fixed but the materials to make the repair would be so heavy that the bat would be unable to fly. I was quite tearful when I came out the door. Softy me!. There was something I wanted to photograph near the vets, camera came out .. no memory card. DUH!!! It was still in my laptop. Took a couple of pics with my phone, but as it's within walking distance I can pop back. Note to self, always carry a spare SD card in camera case. Hubby came down for lunch, then I did a bit in the garden, took a few more photos then started phoning around for chipped bark prices. We're going to change the front garden, rather than have to buy a lawn mower, I'm going to make the flower border slightly deeper and replace the "lawn" with bark so that it's low maintenance. Well that's the plan. Bark prices certainly vary considerably. My next task is to work out how much we'll need, but that won't be tonight.

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