By MstrWWR

Facial Reconstruction

Whoopsy...didn't realise this didn't post! :/

Photograph is from a series of images and reconstructions of an ancient Pictish Man, from one of the earliest Pict graveyards, in Scotland.

Experts date it back to: 430-630 AD. That's roughly: 1,500+ years ago. Pretty cool.

But unfortunately the man didn't die easily, it appears he was brutally murdered, sustaining five heavy blows to the head, likely from a large two handed instrument, such as a sword or axe. However scientists do not know.

Most curiously, despite the brutality of the murder, it appeared the male was well respected in his community due to the somewhat odd 'well considered' burial.

Worth looking up for anyone who wants to know more...

Posting this because the the stages of reconstruction are pretty amazing, and there's alot more to it. Plus just thinking science is utterly amazing... To think how things have progressed from eon's ago to the present day... From society, to culture, to human, animal and world development... to technology and evolution.

What will scientist from 1,500 plus years into the future say about us now, in our present day? What will they unearth?

What would we, us humans leave behind...?

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