Tigger's Takes

By Tigger101

What a day!


A poor abstract for this weeks theme 'different viewpoint' .... thanks to Ingeborg for hosting :-)

Had a lovely afternoon with Big Sis ...... we went out for coffee & cake & a good old chinwag!

Then later things went a bit 'pear shaped'!

Had Mum on the phone several times ..... ended up having to go round to see her & calm her down at 10.30pm! Back home at 11.30pm ...... all was quiet for a while ..... then at 0:40am we got another call from her! I calmed her down as best I could over the phone & hoped that had done the trick ...... sat up until 3:30am just in case she rang again ..... thankfully she didn't! So I went to bed ...... unfortunately I didn't managed to get to sleep until 6:30am ..... so somewhat sleep deprived now! Again! :-(

Every cloud has a silver lining ..... I listened to the Blackbird singing his heart out at 5:00am .... beautiful :-)

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