MrM got up slightly more hastily than intended this morning, as the wood to finish off the living room ceiling was delivered first thing!
A little progress today - started to fill some of the many screw holes in the ceiling - but not as much as I had hoped. It's beginning to seem like an interminable uphill struggle, but it will be worth it when it's eventually finished. Sigh!

Down to Alnwick for some shopping late in the afternoon, intending to have a meal at Carlo's too. But the restaurant was packed with holidaymakers, and the take away queue snaking out of the door. So we headed back to Wooler and picked up fish & chips from the mobile chippie on the way home. Some lovely, hazy views of the Cheviot hills as we drove.

Had planned to size the walls in the living room this evening, but MrM has persuaded me - against my better judgement - to do it tomorrow morning...

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