Social distancing

A friend from the Rhubarb Tarts Molly side enquired as to whether I had any photos from their early days for an album they're compiling, so I spent a couple of hours this morning going through thousands of photos of dancers. Eventually uploaded almost 100! Apart from the very occasional 'guest appearance' I haven't danced with them for almost 10 years, but still miss the fun and the Tart community.

Knee still whinging but it was another sunny day, so I joined MrM on a late-afternoon walk up to the Common. A few more people around than previously, mostly dog walkers, but all keen to keep at a safe distance. Stopped on the way up to take a photo across Glendale, and this guy trotted across the field to see us. A bit wary though, he also maintained social-distancing protocols, and didn't come too close!

Lockdown, day 27

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