True colours

The starlings have discovered the fat balls, and first thing in the morning can be heard squabbling furiously for a place on the feeder in the 'yard. In the evening, they congregate on our wall and nearby rooftops to preen. Especially when it's sunny. Beautiful birds!

An unusually productive morning, maybe because I didn't listen the news until after lunch! Among other things, finally got round to sorting out the bathroom cabinet. It's now clean, tidy, and no longer contains any out of date (as in BB 2015) creams or lotions!

Five years ago today, MrM and I moved in to present abode, a first-floor flat- he gained a big workshop, and I swapped a large garden for a tiny 'yard. A good move for our small business, which had really started to 'take off' during the last couple of years. Now it's ground to a halt due to Covid-19, and then there'll likely be Brexit to contend with - hoping that we can get it 'off the ground' again...

Lockdown, day 28

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