Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco

Grasshopper - Yum!

Another very fun day with HillyBlips and her Hubs.  We saw some great birds but, for me, the highlight was this large Anole trying to eat a grasshopper.  He finally got it down, then proceeded to burp and lick lips.  And, then, because there was another smaller anole nearby, he flared his dewlap.  Loads of fun shots, but this was my quick pick for the day.

Number One son and DIL got back from a quick honeymoon this afternoon so we are all going to a friend's house for a curry tonight.  At which point, I'll be saying "yum!"  

Tomorrow morning we plan to visit the owls again before Hilly and Hubs drop me at the airport for my flight home.

Looking forward to catching up when I'm home.


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