the warrior...


has bloomed

just in time for flowerfriday - and for good friday as well - i can think of nothing better than that - to close out the week

well actually - if you look closely - towards the top - on the branch where the bloom is - there happens to be a heart - i don’t know about you - but for me - on this particular good friday day - a day when believers of faith - recognize a huge event which occurred - many years ago with an - extraordinary man who - just happened to be the son of god - gave his life on a cross - as a woman of faith - especially lately, i tend to notice signs

so seeing this tiny heart - was like a sign from abba - straight to me signifying - things are going to be okay - for me and the boo - i can rest easy - he’s watching over me - he’s got my back - and i felt a great sense of peace - no, it doesn’t get much better - than that, my friends - which is why it has been...


happy day.....

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