Aquamarine/Nanna K's Day

By NannaK

Fiona Friday/eggs

We haven’t had a Fiona Friday for a bit…planned to have a walk in the arboretum but the weather was too dreary, she just wanted to come to our house… So…We did get  out the rabbit collection  (extra..they’re not meditating, but “having a discussion”) and then dyed eggs with pieces of silk ties and an old stained silk kimona.  (Wrap them in silk , then cotton sheet, then boil with some vinegar for 20 min.)  The best part is unwrapping them.   There were a couple really beautiful ones to ooh and ah, but many were almost too subtle.   (so we had to draw on some..maybe some more experimenting is needed. )  other extra:  fi's emoji eggs.    then she wanted to make sure she knew how to make pancakes so she can do it herself for her friend on a sleepover…only with chocolate chips in them.  Dinner and dessert tonight all in one,  :-)  plus smoked salmon.  Non stop talking.  We learn so much!  Whew!.

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