By Kipsie

The girls could not believe their eyes

& there will be more than a few ruffled feathers if word gets out. Smartie, Oreo, Emmie, & Millie could not stop cackling when Galaxy produced not 1 but 3 golden eggs this morning. NO PRESSURE! They had heard of Goldenlay eggs but never dreamt they would witness them in the shell.
What a start to what has been a super duper day so far ... Up with the lark, well wren & blackbird with a faint background accompaniment from the ever present gull population actually, dogs fed, coffee made back to bed for half an hour, then the jet ski whizzing around out in the bay. Anyone snoozing on their yacht this morning would have had a lovely surprise. Amazing how far the sound travels as we are a little way back from the coast but it is visible from my present bedroom. How lucky am I?
Had a wonderful shower this morning. I was thinking how I should list
the 'must haves' for my dream home, when I win the lottery. It won't be big or ostentatious, but it will have an Aqualisa shower. Simple to use, you know me I don't like to be too technically challenged. The present all singing, all dancing microwave that does everything apparently being an appliance that I have'nt mastered, nor intend mastering. Life is too short. Appliances don't need more than 3, 4 maximum, buttons. Hob, & oven count as two   :)
William & I had an early bimble, then Millie & I set off for Cockington Park. There are some super walks, we bumped into Carolyn & her lab, Ruby, so walked back up with her to her car and then we went through the woods. Not a soul bar us. I love it.
Had a chat with a couple of individuals on my way down into Torquay, the first guy was applying some nasty chemical plaster to the cracks in the pillars on either side of the entrance to his property. 'It's like cement on speed' was how he described it. Not for use by the general public, a hazardous substance, I asked if he should be wearing a breathing mask, he said it was'nt necessary only a danger to your eyes, hence the protective glasses.
A bit further down the road was where I wanted to take a photo. You may recall I went out with a SD cardless camera earlier in the week. Action rectified, I carried on down Walnut Road, now there, stood outside the vets was a man with a cat in a wire cage placed on top of the litter bin, so I stopped and asked him "Do you realise your CAT is on top of the LITTER bin? CAT LITTER" "Yes I know" he replied. Well that joke was wasted but I felt I needed to ask after the cat as he had medication & a plastic collar. It had been in a scrap probably. I asked if I could take a photo which he was ok with, then off I went. Probably thought I was bonkers. Well he would'nt be far wrong. I've decided that being a bit off the cusp is to my advantage.
I met up with Jos at Torre Abbey cafe for a cuppa before visiting the new exhibition. I took out the museum's annual subscription of £15. That's the cost of two visits, now I get to visit the museum, and the gardens for a year for the same price. It's a win win. 'The Printed Line' is an Arts Council travelling exhibition, very diverse pieces of work, very interesting, plenty for us to discuss, including work by Matisse, Ben Nicholson, Walter Sikert, & one of our joint favourites, Simon Patterson, whose work 'The Great Bear', is a wacky lithograph reworking the lines of the London Tube map. We both agreed we could live with that on a wall in our homes. In fact, I have a feeling Josie might even create her own interpretation.
Did I mention that's it's hot ............... phew! It's hot, been hot, but fortunately cooling down a bit now so time for William & Millie's afternoon bimble.
Hubby is a bit bruised from his tumble yesterday  but feeling okay otherwise thank goodness. He's really not safe to be left on his own.

Right I'm off.

Hope you are all enjoying this Easter break, I might just have an egg or two with my coffee later.

Thanks to admirer for hosting Silly Saturday. A little silliness helps now & again, once a week at least, Saturday being as good a day as any.

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