By HeidiHH


What a storm are we having!

I woke up at 5 am to thunder. The wind was howling and it was hammering us bad. I noticed our garden gates were dangling open to the wrong direction with the wind. Poor husband went out to the thunder and pouring rain to try fix it, but it was impossible in the darkness with winds gusting 100km/ h and lightning  making the scene dramatic. So he took the gates off hinges to save them.

I couldn't go back to sleep with the storm around us and just kept watching online where the lightning was hitting and how much water we were getting.

Yesterday's total rain amount for us was 30mm and by 6 am this morning we were closing in on 20mm. It was amazing force of nature.

Luckily we had a break with the rain around 8 am and that's when I took the dogs outside for a quick walk. They did their business quite fast and just wanted to get into the house away from the winds.

It started to rain again shortly after I had walked individually with all the dogs. it's been raining all day, but now even the rain in on a break. The rain in forecast to return tomorrow noon. And continue for 36 hours. At the moment it seems that the winds won't make that much of a comeback.

I keep thinking about those who are spending their Easter vacation here. The sun will return fully few days after Easter, but it won't console those who are here now when the rest of the Europe is enjoying sunny and warm weather and they are here in the floods not able to go anywhere.

There are areas where public transportation is stopped and many streets under water. Some areas have received over 200mm during 2 days. Our total at this time is only 60,2mm and that is still 6/7 of all the rain we've received this year. All the ramblas are flooding with water and the rivers are running wild. I'm fascinated by the pictures and videos people keep posting of their areas.

Police has told people to stay home and only go outside if it's an emergency. So we took a quick walk around the neighborhood, but it's really difficult to see anything as the wind was blowing so hard that we had to keep our heads down looking at our feet.

Waking up at 5 am I was able to nap a bit. After that I did some pilates trying to be careful with my shoulder. I'll soon find out if it was too soon or not.

I think the rest of the evening will continue as the day has continued. Admiring the force of nature and watching tv. I saw a video of our beach. Either the lifeguard's hut or a beach bar had gone into smithereens, but the sand is still there and that's more expensive to replace. So that's brilliant. 

At the moment it seems that Tuesday will bring us back to normal weather here.

Oh, and husband was able to fix the gate in the daylight. At least for now. Some of the screws had twisted, so those might need to be replaced as the weather returns to normal.

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