By HeidiHH


It's still raining.

We had a break for our morning walk, but it started again when walking back.

Then we had another break after 10 am so we took the car to the beach and while we were there we had some rays of sunshine, but very shortly after we got home it started to rain again and it's been raining ever since. Honestly it's getting bit boring. 

We are getting year's worth of rain in one long weekend. They are saying this is the worst April storm in 75 years. But Tuesday we should be getting back to normal weather for this time of year. Usually Gota Frias happen after summer before winter, but this is the second year in a row that we get this autumnal phenomenon in the spring time.

The picture is from our nearest beach Carabassi which seemed to be doing quite well after the biggest winds. All the sand was still there and so was the lifeguard hut that is made of Finnish plywood. There's stamps in the wood with the brand name. One of the chiringuitos (beach bar) was in pieces. But those are built for the season, so they'll be able to put it back in a week. Still it's a financial loss for the owner. Also losing the Easter season sales to a storm.

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