My topsy-turvy life

By Rathmandu

Daddy-Dude Day

Louisa took Aaron and his friend to Insomnia gaming festival at the NEC, or whatever they're actually calling it these days -extra.

That left Owen and me to entertain each other for the whole day.
We had breakfast of porridge (Owen) and toast (me)
We had a walk to the shop (open) and the pharmacy (closed)
We went to the Quarry for a run (me) and -apparently- a sleep (Owen)
We went to That's Not My Chick Easter baby group (Owen) and then a quick Easter shop in town (me)

It was the first time I'd tried the running buggy properly but it seemed pretty successful, hard work for me in the warm sun but obviously didn't phase the little one at all. So chilled out he fell asleep.

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