My topsy-turvy life

By Rathmandu

Just me and my dragon

A day of just pottering around. After a lot of coffee I took myself out for a run. A run that turned out to me much tougher than it really should have been. I've lost so much fitness this year. At about the 10k point I bumped (not literally) into an old colleague, Sara, who's just about to start a new job. It was nice to catch up (from a sensible distance) and a welcome break from my exertions.

Once I got home all hot and sweaty I figured I may as well have a go at the garden too. Just I was done I got a video call from Louisa. To try and get Owen's attention I appeared on screen like this so he could say hello to his dragon as well as me...he didn't really seem that bothered though, more interested in running around shouting.

Louisa's lockdown playlist:
Locked Out Of Heaven - Bruno Mars

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