My topsy-turvy life

By Rathmandu

Perfectly Perplexing Experience

PPE, the infamous Personal Protective Equipment, is currently driving me nuts!

On one hand I have to source a never-ending supply of surgical masks, gloves, aprons, and visors for staff so that we keep patients as safe as we possibly can. This involves regular changing of PPE along with hand washing and sanitising everything with alcohol gel and/or wipes between patients and correct donning and doffing procedures so as not to touch your face. All of this to reduce the risk of spreading the virus and cross infecting other patients or staff.

On the other hand 'people' seem intent on not even thinking about what gloves and masks may be designed to do. I have seen people with gloves so dirty they obviously just keep reusing them day after day and masks being worn so that their nose is uncovered.
Stopping off for food on my way home tonight I saw a man in the supermarket with gloves on delve into his pocket for his phone, pull out said phone and start tapping away at it before actually putting it up to his face, still with the same gloves on. Once I'd paid I saw him again, still with the gloves on touching his wallet and cards before rubbing his face...and don't even get me started on the people deciding to just drop gloves and masks on the floor!

Louisa's lockdown playlist:
Here With Me - Marshmello feat. Chvrches

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