By MerrilHope

Tiny Tina and her Tots

Four weeks since sweet tiny teenage mom gave birth to two cuties under my desk (blipped here). After 72 hours, they could stay no longer and so Elif took them to Umit, wonder vet, for safe shelter and care, but today the trio needed to come home (not least 'cos of the bill!!) so this afternoon we have brought them, as a temporary solution, to my apartment where currently they are all asleep in my bedroom with the door closed.  Harry and Gentle are, for the moment, unaware.  

After last night's concert, I was looking forward to a lie in this morning, and so of course I woke at 6am. Such is life.  Did not much for a few hours and then Caitlin and I visited three shopping malls for this and that and lunch.

Weather continues crazy, oscillating between bright sunshine and heavy rain and plummeting temperatures - a major reason for not wanting to put Tiny mom Tina and her babies outside.  After such a gentle beginning, the two kittens are huge and healthy, and we want to keep it that way. They are now accustomed to being handled and Mom is comfortable with that too - she so sweet and affectionate. We'll be looking for forever homes for them next month.  Meanwhile, I'm confident that there'll be several more blips of these fur babies. 

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