By norfolkdoc

Magnolia Susan

Fewer flowers than last year, but blooming a little earlier.

Another busy day in the garden.  We first went off to a Garden Centre where last year they had told W that although they had now sold out, they generally stocked liners for cradles.  They didn't have any today.  But we bought liners for our 3 tier basket, and plants for this and for the 2 cradles.  

On our return, we fashioned liners for the cradles from a roll of coco matting, and I planted them all up.  I had retrieved large numbers of bulbs from one of the cradles, so I weeded under the hedge on the oak terrace, and transplanted the bulbs there.  Not the best time of year to be moving bulbs, so it remains to be seen if they survive.

We also tidied up the patio area, and repotted another rose, and a ginko tree.  And W made progress with the paving.

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