Submarine Engine Room

It's been a very full Easter Day for us (with no chocolate eggs in sight!) Travelling by bus and train (both as spotlessly clean as are the streets of every town we've visited), we went to start with to Fremantle to visit the weekend market. It was very crowded, but everyone was good-natured and friendly.

Then, also in Fremantle, we visited the Maritime Museum and enjoyed an extremely interesting tour of a submarine that our guide had served on for some years during his long naval career. Only took this one photo inside the submarine - in the engine room. Not a career choice that would appeal to me, I have to say, but I'm full of admiration for the guys who do this work.

Finally, before heading back to Perth, we stopped off at Cottesloe and walked to the beach there to watch the sun set over the sea. Perfect timing to catch a bus afterwards that took us all the way back to our hotel. The public transport here is fantastic. (Didn't even have a paddle in the Indian Ocean as the southerly wind, blowing straight from the Antarctic, was rather chilly. Bit like a North wind in the British Isles!)

One of my Extras shows a sculpture titled Lucky Country by Norton Flavel, a Western Australian. It stands in Cottesloe (whose sunset is my other Extra). "The work references the Australian psyche, of the tension between positives and negatives and what we choose to see."

Almost forgot: there was another rather random exhibition at the Fremantle Maritime Museum, titled Kylie on Stage featuring Kylie Minogue's stage costumes from the 1990s and early 21st century: see my third Extra.

So loving our time in Perth. Thank you for all your visits and kind comments. I'm afraid a come-and-go connection is limiting my ability to comment on blipmates' journals. Wishing all blippers a very happy Easter.

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