Worth my weight in gold?

If you think I'm worth my weight in gold,
today, here's what I'm worth:
four-million-plus Oz dollars --
weighed at The Mint in Perth.

If, on reading that, words fail ya,
find out for yourself in Australia!

If I were made of solid gold, at today's gold prices, I'd be worth AU$ 4,065,425.00.

The huge coin here is the largest in the world. It weighs one tonne and was cast at the Perth Mint in 2012. It is 99.9% pure gold, 12 centimetres thick, and has a diameter of 80 cms. Its face value is one million Australian dollars.

The 1991 sculpture outside The Mint is by Greg James. It depicts prospectors William Ford and Arthur Bayley in the gold strike in Coolgardie in 1882. Theirs and others' industry led to the foundation of the Perth Mint in 1899.

PS Of the unidentified birds that I blipped yesterday, two suggestions sound highly plausible - a cormorant and a kingfisher. (Possibly even a kookaburra, which is one of the many varieties of Aussie kingfisher family.)

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