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By ajt

Giant kit

The work event has been at Mercedes-Benz world. I'm not a car fan and particularly interested in Mercedes-Benz either, but I can appreciate the engineering skill behind what they make.

The day finished early and I got a lift to the station in plenty of time to nip into Waitrose to get some things I can't get in France (spiced and pickled onions of all things) and something for dinner on the ferry home. I actually had so much time that I also picked up a few things in Sainsbury's in Portsmouth, and was able to amble around the Gunwharf Quays retail park (I needed have others - the place is so dull).

I made it to the ferry way too early and dumped my stuff in the cabin, only to hear on the PA that they were running later, so I didn't even bother staying up to take some pictures on the way out of port, and so had my dinner and crashed out.

Back home in France tomorrow, we'll I'm actually here now as this is a back blip, but you know what I mean...!

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