RSD Photo's Mexican Life

By rsdphotography

Arranging Produce

It is amazing how much happier I am shooting with a telephoto zoom as opposed to a wider lens. I walk the market every couple days, normally with either my 17-40mm or 24-105mm lens attached to my camera. Today I ventured forth with my 70-200mm and it was a world of difference. All of a sudden I was seeing details again, capturing snippets I had walked by countless times previously but because of my lens choice I was noticing and photographing. People were also newly interesting because I could isolate them from the chaos throughout the market and the streets surrounding it. I normally don't carry my 70-200mm as it is big and heavy (as is my Canon EOS 1d Mark iv), but today I bit the bullet and traipsed around with my "professional" gear capturing four times what I normally take following the same general route. Expect to see more from this combination in the future.

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