By AGBPhotography

Silly Graffiti

A slightly delayed posting due to the gorgeous weather we are having at the mo, 23 degrees Celsius yesterday (Saturday) 22 today (Sunday), spent most of the past two days out walking 11 miles today, 8 yesterday.

My blip for Silly Saturday is of some graffiti I spotted a few days ago. This one made me chuckle and I thought it would make a good subject for today.

Called past to see how the swans were doing, concerned to see a lump of wood (looks like it's from a nearby bridge) right beside the nest, it's too big to have been dragged there by the birds. Everything seems ok though, Mrs. Swan was sitting comfortably on the nest and even got up at one point to turn the eggs.

There are some 'extras' to be added to my blog, probably wont be till Monday though. In the mean time why not check out my website to see some of my other photos.

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