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Growing Up Fast

Another very early walk with Finlay - we were out just after 6 a.m. A lovely sunny, misty start - but not as spectacular as yesterday. We walked past this golden trio - they stayed put whilst all the others ran away! They do seem to have filled out rather quickly.

Another stay at home day - the washing machine has been working overtime and we have been taking advantage of the free drying service outside.

I discovered almost 2,000 photos (out of nearly 10,000) in my Lightroom catalogue that had no keywords (tags) - so I have spent ages trying to correct that….down to about 200 at the moment. I thought that I was pretty regimented when it comes to keywording but it would appear not. A lot of them were old photos that had been automatically imported from an iPad - so I just deleted them! I think of the others there may just be a failure to understand how the LR interface works (I get it now, but in the early days I may have been getting it wrong when selecting multiple photos). Ho hum, better than gardening… although I did cut the grass….

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