Big Bunny

A busy morning - Amanda and Mr T were coming up and as requested  I made pasties - also decided to make some chocolate ice cream only to find Amanda couldn't have that because it contained nuts!!!  Apparently she hasn't been able to find a dark chocolate she can eat.  So disappointed that she couldn't.  After lunch we cleared up and we could hear some mumbling from the garden.  Decided to investigate and found the bunnies in the Tulip Flowers.  
Hi Big Bunny one of them said please can you tell us where we go for the Easter Egg Hunt - we have searched high and low but can't find any Easter Eggs.  
Oh said big bunny  wisely - I am afraid you are too late the Easter Eggs were out yesterday and it will be another year before they are out again  - or at least 6 months before they are back in the supermarkets!!
The bunnies were dismayed  Oh no they cried we cant wait that long - do you suppose the supermarkets have any left  ?
Well you might be lucky said big bunny but you will have to hurry 
Oh we got straight away  they shouted.  
Unfortunately one nearly fell out of the tulip and it was lucky Amanda was there to save him
Hope the bunnies find their eggs
It was another lovely day but not as good as yesterday 
We did have a lovely time with Amanda and Mr T

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