A day in the life

By Shelling

Homeward bound

Travelnote 5
My blip when I left Sweden a few days ago showed the highest point of the Öresund bridge, my trip back shows you the lowest part of the tunnel that leads up to the bridge. The whole passage over the sound is 15,9 km long. 7,8 km is the bridge itself, the tunnel is 4 km long and the small man made island that connects the bridge to the tunnel is also about 4 km long. You'll find an image of the Öresund bridge here.

I took a slow trip back to Sweden with a break for lunch half way.
From door to door between my relative in Denmark to my home on Öland is 415 km and I used about four hours for the drive. 

Where I started in Denmark the beech forest leaves has just turned its beautiful shade of light green, then there's a travel north backwards in spring to home, definitely almost a week behind, making it an interesting drive in a beautifully sunny spring weather.

Next week is a working period for me, doing some work at my school preparing for final concerts and fixing equipment...
Good to be home again.

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