Keith B

By keibr

Wild Forest

Walking through the forest is nearly always lovely but walking through forest without paths, the wild forest, is magical, even if you do usually end up with wet feet. There are new surprises every time, such as the twisted trees in my pictures.
We took the car down to Älandsbro to do some shopping, then Jan drove home and Rusty and I set off into the forest to walk home.
There is a good path leading away from Älandsbro toward our village. Similarly, there is a path from our village heading towards Älandsbro. The only problem is that the two paths don't ever meet up so there's always a couple of kilometres of wild forest in the middle. This time I didn't do such a good job of crossing that gap.  The mixture of snow covered and flooded areas made it tricky to navigate but eventually we fell out of the forest onto a familiar track and were home 45 minutes later. As usual I had wet feet.

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