Life in Canada

By MissMacPic

Play Misty For Me

Woke up to a very thick sunrise.  I decided that getting out for a long walk would do me a world of good so off I went.  What an eerie, fantastic sight greeted me in the meadow - 40+ head of deer scattered in the fog for as far as I could see. I did take a video which shows a little section of my 'friends' walking towards me.  Main blip is a section of that group who made me laugh.  The doe has her ears pinned back because the two behind her are bucks.  Bucks are SOOO temperamental so I don't blame her for being cautious.

In extras, is a small section showing the eerie shapes in the fog, an American Kestrel (!), and a Belted Kingfisher (!).  Moral of the story is:  just get out, you never know what awaits you.  I had such a fun 5 hours even if the low light made for less than ideal conditions for photos.

Now the sun is shining. Go figure  ; )

Take care all...have a great week.

D x

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