Life in Canada

By MissMacPic

Earth Day 2020

Earth Day is 50 years old today.  When it went global, 30 years ago, I was living and working in Calgary and I purchased a t-shirt proclaiming Earth Day from an American company. It arrived in the mail and I wore it proudly to work, where I actually got a few eye rolls!  How times have changed...

To celebrate the day, we bundled up and went for a nature hike, a short drive away.  We met a man and a dog and he asked if we had seen the owls yet....OWLS???? You know I will have to go back....  

While there, I could see little birds flitting, flitting, flitting.  They were so hard to photograph but I managed to get a few photos to allow me to identify one. I wish the one of the male with its comb up was more complete because I have never photographed a Ruby-Crowned Kinglet with the ruby crown before!  However, I am pleased with this little kinglet being curious about me...long enough for me to get its photo.

The icing on the cake, would have been an owl sighting, however, I was even more pleased that my daughter said, "I hear a hawk", seconds before this beauty flew past us and landed in a tree. She then said, 'oh it is the same kind as our hawk!' As she rarely shows an interest in birds, it made me so happy that she pays attention  ;)

What a great Earth Day.  Now if only it would warm up!!  Brrrr....

D x

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