Tiny ........

 ........... Tuesday204  (TT204)  -  an arty (??) view of my new toaster sporting 8 tiny buttons on the front - the old one went ''pop'' yesterday after 23 years of faithful service.  Strangely it was out of warranty!  :o))

Thanks to dfb24 for hosting again this week.

A Tuesday rant - (sorry) - went into a furniture store in Kings Lynn this morning (we need a new mattress) - two assistants standing a good distance away - I started to go to the upstairs showroom only to hear behind me .... "Hey, how we doin' today?"  -  the male assistant was right there.

1)  Greeting customers with "hey" is not at all professional
2)  No use of the word "are" in that sentence
3)  Doin' has a 'g' on the end not an 'n apostrophe'
4)  I am an "I" not a "we" 

Then, to make matters worse, as I am reading a label on a mattress he walks straight in front of me causing me to step back!!

I think the term is "not best pleased"  -  grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

Didn't like the selection of mattresses anyway!  Lol

Rant over.

~ Anni ~

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