'lions ............

 ................ on in an elephant's back.    :o))
Pretty wild in an English kitchen, I reckon.   (wildwed160)

Much wilder (and better) larger ............

This took ages to get it like this and I'm still not 100% happy with it.

The elephant was one of my Mum's vast collection and one of six that I kept - three more went to the "Colorado herd" with a very special friend (you know who you are), some went to charity and the rest to auction.

Nearly four years since Mum died and I miss her each and every day.
Still, I have some wonderful memories of the times we spent together in the UK, Germany and the US - some people aren't lucky enough to have even those so I am very grateful for them.

Enough - the tears are threatening to flow.

~ Anni ~

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