After 5 hours on a train, I have arrived in North Yorkshire to stay with my friend, Sue. We were last together in February at Ragdale Hall so it’s good yo see her again - and we have already had a few giggles , as old friends do - and a few tears too!

I had a lovely young lady sitting next to me on the long train journey, who was on her way back to University in Durham, having been home for the Easter break. She told me she had almost finished her dissertation and it will be handed in on Thursday, when she has pared it down a little more, as the number of words had to be strictly adhered to. Her second case was filled with books she was taking back to the library and when I had to move it to leave the train at Darlington, I told her it felt like it was full of gold bullion, it was so heavy, but she assured me it was only books!

Sue collected me from the station and we came home for a chat and a cup of coffee and we are now about to go out to a nearby pub for a meal - but not before I wandered “up the lane” and got a shot of the postbox - how fortunate that I had a card to post - and if Angelique looks closely, she will see who it’s addressed to!

I hope Mr. HCB has had a good day at cricket - I will know when he gets home because we have a “dongle” in our car so I’m able to “track his movements”. Sue thinks it sounds rather sinister and odd that I can “focus my beady eye on him from a great distance” - her words, not mine but I don’t want him going out “clubbing” too much while I’m away, do I?

“It is one of the blessings
of old friends that you can afford
to be stupid with them!”
Ralph Waldo Emerson

PS I’ve had to come outside to upload this as the signal indoors is not good - I’m just glad it’s not raining! Sue did mention that her next door neighbour has stood on his shed roof in the past to get a good signal - I don’t think that will be happening!!

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