Another Day

another Canal image :)

I couldn't remember what they said about dressings when I had my op, but I didn't have any spare ones...  

I called the Drs surgery today, hoping to speak to the nurse - no chance, they don't allow you near them these day...for a Dr or Nurse unless you are seriously ill or dying!

I phoned the hospital and spoke to a lovely nurse who said I should change it;  but knowing how useless the surgery are now;  I thought I'd better go to the pharmacy and get some spare dressings...  

So my day has consisted of long hot walk to Sainsburys, no help from Lloyds Pharmacy there at all... but crossed over to the town and went to Boots where the help was so much better!!  Phew!  

After that I thought I deserved a cool drink, and popped into the same Costa as yesterday where I had an iced Peach Tea - never had it before, but it was lovely and refreshing :)

Now home, and relaxing for the evening (and I'm hoping not to have to go so far tomorrow)...

Happy Tuesday folks :)

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