Little Minx!

This Little Minx got out of a locked cat flap in the night!!   

That's a first after nearly a year with me....and I'm not sure how it happened as its a 'chip' cat flap, and I have a curtain across the door, plus a draught excluder that half covers the cat flap....  The cat flap was wide open, opening inwards when I got up this morning!!

I don't know what she was eating when she was out, but she's been sick twice today, so no food allowed for the moment.

Not impressed Miss Charlie!

What a change to the weather after yesterday.  I am having a lazy day after doing quite a bit of walking the last couple of days and feeling a bit sore today.

Caught up with a friend on the phone this morning, and watching a couple of programmes on i-player :)

Happy Wednesday folks :)

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