improvements on our street!

Slow but sure, our new dock is being installed. I cannot help but document this process. To see all of the photos I've blipped about our dock and the barge that almost sunk, follow my photos tagged One Street. I had no idea how much fun I was going to have doing a theme. Maybe it helps that is so accessible for me- I love it! More about the One Street project HERE. I should say add, I got the idea to use the river we live on as my "one street"~ the Braden River in Florida. I was not sure if this would be 'legit' as it is a river -not a street per-say, but we do travel on this river in boats just like it is a street. We have met our neighbors traveling this way, the houses in this area all connect to the river. My husband does a 4 minute commute by boat across the river to the other side, sometimes more than once a day!

In today's photo we have my husband Steve closest to us on the right talking to Mark from Sunshine Dock, while Dave is farther back taking a break. Notice that Mark is standing in the water in his wading pants. I called them water pants at first and Steven laughed!! Steve is resting his feet on the floating dock he made at Lucas Boatworks. It will actually be attached to the other side of the dock and help for getting in and out of canoes & kayaks easily. He transported it from Lucas Boatworks to our home by driving it down the street/river with an electric motor attached to it!! He even had the dogs with him -check it out. It really made me smile to see this! The guys at Lucas Boatworks are teasing Steven that this is the first boat he built!!

I am enjoying seeing this part of our big yard project come together. Next week on Wednesday or Thursday, the brick paver guys are coming to dig up the lawn and give us a beautiful patio . . . we are so lucky!

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