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The power of two

Today was decidedly chillier than yesterday although if you could find a sunny spot out of the wind it wasn't too bad.
I had to pop into the doctors this moring at Murrayfield so went for a walk along the Water of Leith afterwards. They've been doing a lot of reclamation and anti-flood work along there and it is still a bit bare in places, but the pictures of the elm seeds, the swans and the Kingcups were all taken there. There were several quite large clumps of Kingcups (marsh marigolds) along the water's edge, not something I associate with this area at all but perhaps they've been brought in as part of the land works.
After walking about a mile and back, I had a wander along Corstorphine High Street where I was surprised to see that the old Woolworths store which had been empty for a long time has become an enormous Cat Protection League shop. I enjoy charity shops but I do think that Corstorphine really didn't need another one, so few 'real' shops are left here.
Back home C and I decided to go for a walk to D'mains and back. There have been problems with the church boiler so he popped in to check that out too.
I played dutiful mother this afternoon and drove A to their mortgage appointment. I still can't believe that she went from vaguely thinking about selling her flat to having sold it and bought a house all within a month. She doesn't hang about.
This evening I'm babysitting for K & J. I promised them a nights cover for Jon's birthday in January and it's now almost the end of April.
The other bird shot of the lady variety, (and gent too presumably) were on our path this morning. Our house and garden seem to provide good premises for over wintering as our garden is just full of them again.
14004 steps today another failure of a day off!!! 7/7 this week though so pleased with that and I've upped my ' Race at Your Pace ' target to 100 miles this month, I've done over 85 so far so should make that ok.
Thanks for the stars and comments for my photo-bombing seagull yesterday, always much appreciated :-)

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