Scoots, Shoots & Leaves

By TerriG

I'm dreaming of a...

...Pepto Bismol pink Christmas??? ewwww. This is in the window at Vintage Pink, Retro Home and Fashion, one of the many funky shops on Hawthorne. There are some pretty cool things in there, if you're into the 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s.

I am, however, righteously opposed to holiday "trees" made of aluminum and/or colored pink, blue or purple (flocked white is marginally OK). It just isn't right, people! I suppose if I hadn't grown up in the Pacific Northwest, surrounded by green firs and cedars, I might feel differently, but to me a tree has to smell like a tree, feel like a tree and LOOK like a tree, or you can't call it a tree. And the needles have to fall off and make a mess on the floor after a couple of weeks. Ideally, the tree is live and can be planted after the holiday. Will accept no substitutes. (For a variety of reasons, Laurie and I don't have a tree, but I can enjoy them vicariously.)

Just two more sleeps till the first of the concerts! (four, if I count naps). And I still haven't memorized all the Russian lyrics. Oh nyet.

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