The second half of life..

By twigs

ANZAC morning fishing

ANZAC day - the day when we remember and acknowledge those who served in the forces fighting for the freedoms we enjoy today.  With no ANZAC parade in this part of the world it was a muted acknowledgement.

I took the opportunity to get out with my drone at a beach I'd seen yesterday. Unfortunately, the different time of the day (and therefore tide height) meant that the shot I hoped for I didn't get.  I did nevertheless enjoy a good hour or so with the drone capturing the waves breaking and receding.  And if you look carefully in this shot you may see the fishermen on the beach along with a quad bike.

Further along the coast, as I was leaving this wild but totally absorbing part of the country, I got into some more long exposure shots.  I was quite excited to see what I'd got as they looked quite promising from the back of the camera.  Unfortunately, that wasn't the case when seen at full size.  Darn!  At least I know what I'm looking for now though to create that particular image.  There'll be other opportunities I'm sure.

On then to Featherstone via the long road - around Lake Wairarapa simply because I haven't been that way before.  Dump stop/water top-up/gas refill all done then it was up and over the Remutakas to tonight's stopping spot, the Kaitoke Regional Campground.  I believe nearby is the area which was Rivendell on the LOTR movies.  Might have to squeeze in a short walk tomorrow morning.

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