Its the Way It Is

By Jeano


of Tinseltown

The tag for today’s Abstract Thursday is Festive. For my entry, I am imagining the heart rate of a glamorous film star. It is simply fashioned from tinsel.

Last week when I was doing some random housework, I came across a length of rogue Christmas tinsel which somehow escaped the decorations box which is now sealed and labelled XS (short for Christmas Stuff) up in the attic waiting to be shuffled back down in December.

So I had an idea to place it straight across on a black background and use pano on iphone - all the time moving the phone up and down as it moved from left to right.

I then messed around with it in Snapspeed and have forgotten what I did. I had great craic with that.

So my entry for Abstract Thursday’s 200th iconic, glamorous, festive occasion is

Heartbeat of Tinseltown

and thank you to Ingeborg for what is a great opportunity to get creative and move out of our comfort zone

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