By Terrifo

The Thieving Magpie!

Funny old day. Started with me and two very helpful ladies at BT sorting out my password block on my emails.Then a lunch time humanist funeral for a good friend of mine. Weather wise the afternoon so far, has been hit by heavy showers.

 I went into the kitchen to make a cuppa and there was a magpie attempting to get food off the bird table, (see extras)which as you can see is covered with wire to keep the big birds off. Dashed for my camera, quick change of lens, and some grab shots through the kitchen window of this cheeky bird. so apologies if not clear or very straight ;-)

Thank you so much for comments and sprinkling of stars and hrts on some of my images. Very much appreciated as always. First of our Camera Club Summer outings with a Treasure Hunt. So hope my three passengers can give me clear instructions where I have to go to, so at least we can get to the pub for a meal on time ;-)

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