By Kipsie

Celebration time come on,

its a celebration. The 200th Abstract Thursday Blip. Whoop whoop!
I love messing around in Picasa, so this was right up my street. Well, I'd like to have a little more control on the layers of images but I like the end result. These are my kinda colours.
What have I done today, well it's started off damp outside, so a bit of potting on of cuttings in the shelter of the greenhouse. Picked mum up to do her supermarket shop, a quick whizz around Trago Mills, to buy some more veg seed first though. Quite civilized in there now the children have gone back to school after their Easter hols, & what do you know, the seeds were all half price, although I did'nt see any signage advertising the fact. Provisions shopping next, that done back to Mum's for a coffee & Danish pastry, our normal fix after a shop. Discussed some building work that she wants done. The detached garage needs knocking down & replacing, quite straight forward, but unfortunately involves the removal of asbestos, so having spoken to the builder, we have to wait for a quote, but as Mum said if you want the work done you have to pay for it. The best attitude to have. Hopefully it can be tied in with the bungalow exterior being made good and painted.
Home to make lunch for hubby, then over to see Cassiesmum. I'm looking after Cassie, Stan, & Lucy for a week so needed to go over a couple of details, then had a look at her all singing, all dancing new Apple computer kit. Blimey!!! Toooooooo technical for me.
Back to Chudders to make dinner, so while the chicken was cooking I started looking around for shapes that I could snap for today's blip. The shower curtain + cider bubbles + a pair of fun penguin enhanced  sunglasses + mossy saxifrage + cigarette lighters, tweaked with Picasa =  Abstract Thursday 200

Love being a part of the Blip community

Thanks to Ingeborg for hosting. Here's to the next 200 :)

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