Blip Foto Is On The Move Again!

I left my villa at 8 this am, took the girls to their Spa, got them all settled in, and then headed out for Gilbert, South Carolina.  I had a great drive,  about 7 hours long, including gas stops, bathrooms, and food.  I got out to stretch my legs and get the blood pumping, the GPS was working like a charm, I got here without a single wrong turn, all the way.  
    It was so good to see mary and her husband, jJerry again.  Even Gyp, their dog greeted me like a long lost family member.
     Tomorrow we head out on this grand adventure.  I am not sure which direction we are going, other than north and west.  Mary has planned the routes with tremendous care and accuracy.  I drive where she tells me to go!   . :-))))))  My Blip tonight is of Blip, my car.  The packing has been rearranged to accolade another person,  I am sure it will get redone again when we get Diane at the airport in Denver.  

We are off on another Grand Adventure!!!!!!!

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