By mambo

Lavender Girls

Gym and Aerobics for us this morning, then Ruby and Verity asked if they could come over to see us.
I went to pick them up and we had a bit of lunch then we went to Caring For Life for drinks and cakes.
We called into the garden nursery there to look at plants and an extension for the hosepipe.
It’s Rebecca and Verity’s birthday in a few days time ( also my brother has his three days before, so an expensive time) so l showed my granddaughters the large planter l am going to make for part of their mum’s present.
I always make her something for her garden, she loves flowers, ,especially lavender but she would be the first to admit she isn’t a gardener.
( Bex , l hope you’re not reading this ! )

We are out tonight at friends for dinner so l washed the top l was going to wear and hung it out to dry.
But while we were out there has been a heavy downpour and the temperature has dropped by several degrees, making it feel more like winter than spring.
Will be looking in my wardrobe for something warmer than my linen.

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