Wild Wednesday ....

... collage .... again. 

It was a frustrating day photography wise so I'm surprised that I had enough photos for a Wild Wednesday collage!

After doing a little shopping I went up to Jacobsburg State Park to see if Ranger Rick had his hummingbird feeders out (I have had ours up since April 10).  He did .... so I watched the feeders for awhile but didn't see any hummingbirds.  I then walked over to the frog pond and bird blind.  As I approached the frog pond I heard two frogs jump in .... apparently they didn't want to be photographed!  There were still a few on the pond surface but not where I could get a decent picture.  I went into the bird blind but there was nothing happening there either!  Just about the only pictures I took at Jacobsburg was of the curled fern fronds.

From Jacobsburg I went to the Plainfield Rail Trail to see if I could get a chipmunk picture.  More frustration set in when I saw that a truck was parked in the spot I needed to be in order to photograph the chippies!  There was a fisherman getting himself ready to fish.  I engaged in some conversation with him so that I could politely ask him to move his truck up a smidgen .... and he very kindly did.  Not that is made a difference as there were no chippies around anyway!

But .... as I was sitting in the car waiting for the chipmunks I heard voices and looked up in time to see the two horsewomen in my collage riding down the hill in front of me.  I was so surprised to see them as I didn't realize that horses were allowed on the rail trail .... and maybe they aren't.  I took a few shots through the opposite open car window as I knew that by the time I got out of the car it would be too late. 

I returned home a little disappointed that I didn't get the photographs that I set out for .... so I put out some peanuts for my "own" squirrels.  And wasn't disappointed in them!  The female red-bellied woodpecker also made an appearance!

I forgot to mention yesterday that we saw our first Catbird of the season whilst on our walk at Housenick Park.  YAY!!! It shouldn't be long now that we will have them visiting our own gardens.

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