First BoBB!!!!

Today was the unofficial start to our first BoBB (Band of Blippers Bash)!  It officially starts tomorrow but we decided to come into Galveston a day early.  Others are here now, too, but we won't meet up with them until tomorrow. 

We had an 8 am flight out of Newark this morning so had to be at the airport by 6 am ….. I like to arrive 2 hours ahead to allow for any airport troubles.  And there were some today unfortunately.  Usually getting through security is no trouble but today for some reason it was very frustrating.  But we made it through and got to our gate in time …. But not with a lot of time to spare.

We flew into George Bush Intercontinental Airport in Houston as we will be spending the week in Galveston, Texas with some fellow blippers.  We arrived around 10:30 am and collected our car rental without any problems.  After a quick stop at Costco for some supplies we headed to our vacation condo on Galveston Island. We got checked in okay and then I called pipersmom as we had planned to meet up with them later this evening!  So excited to meet Elaine, Ed and Piper for the first time!!
They are staying at a campground in the southern part of Galveston Island as they had driven down with their camper from Colorado.  We made plans to pick up dinner on our way down to see them as that was going to be the easiest thing to do for all of us. 

When we arrived at their campsite Eddie greeted us and I immediately recognized both Elaine and Piper …. seen here on our visit to the beach across the street from the campground.  We had such a wonderful evening spent in the company of great friends.  And even though we were meeting for the first time in person we felt like old friends …. we have so much in common even outside of Blipfoto.

Thank you for such a memorable start to this awesome vacation! As BoBB2018 doesn’t officially start until Wednesday evening we made plans to spend part of tomorrow together.

Backblipped ~ July 4, 2018 ...... Finally!!!!!

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